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'When doesn't £10/month cost you £10/month? When it's 'equiv'' blog discussion

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  • John_GrayJohn_Gray Forumite
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    Perhaps you should add "over one year" or equiv, if it's not clear what is the minimum contract period?
  • icic Forumite
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    Its a tricky one this, especially where a cashback deal might also be quoted (from quidco, top cashback, etc) - as there there is no guarantee - so its equivalent as long as the cashback pays down the line. I've always worked stuff down to the equivalent rate when comparing by factoring all the variables - and then may go for a more expensive but less risky deal, or say one that has a shorter tie in.

    It'll always be difficult to present this information - especially when the operators are allowed to stick compulsory parts of the price like line rental in the small print, even though there isn't a standard price for it across all operators.
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