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I hate greedy greedy Letting Agents...and their fees!

I know this isn't anything new but we're going to view a rental house tomorrow (and hopefully put offer in) - the letting agent today advised me that their admin fee is £400 for two people! £400!!!! I had a fee of this size tried on a few years back in Wandsworth by two cowboys pretending to be estate agents and I told them to take a running jump. But this estate agent, I thought, was fairly decent. Bloody heck!! I've never paid more than £300 in the past 6 years...of course, I guess, they do so much work for that amount of money.

Has anyone successfully negotiated down admin fees?

Actually, has anyone successfully negotiated on rental asking prices in London, or is demand too high at the moment?

Thanks! :)


  • Go direct to a landlord then! Our fees are around £150 and cover referencing - £400 is wel over the top!
  • jennlx
    jennlx Posts: 38 Forumite
    I have tried and I would cut out the middleman any day and rent from a private landlord...we're stuck in a certain area due to childcare. There are a few about, but their asking prices are in the heavens...
  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Posts: 70,698
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    The trouble with going direct ... is FINDING landlords in one handy, easy to search place...
  • rosered1963
    rosered1963 Posts: 1,160 Forumite
    I paid £450 admin fee to a letting agency despite the fact I paid all the rent for the duration of the tenancy cash in advance!! Then the property turned out to be a deathtrap with dangerous electricc, gas, leaky roof and every appliance broken, despite the fact that when they showed us around, they said everything would be checked and fixed if there was a problem. Letting agencies serve no purpose. Motto - find out who owns the property and go to them direct. Don't pay in advance like we did though please - apparently it was stupid but we really needed the house.
  • choccyface2006
    choccyface2006 Posts: 2,304 Forumite
    Fed up too! We were told the credit checks were £100 each for everyone over 18, so that includes my daughter and £180 admin fee on top. I know how little credit checks cost as I do them at work so am disgusted they charge so much!

    How much negociating is there on rentals? I'd a £850 PCM rent lightly to go down to £750?

  • tbs624
    tbs624 Posts: 10,816 Forumite
    Don't just voice your anger at these fees on MSE
  • tbs624
    tbs624 Posts: 10,816 Forumite
    The trouble with going direct ... is FINDING landlords in one handy, easy to search place...

    ...but there are the following options:
    • local Council may have list of accredited PRS LLs
    • local and/or national LL associations can ususally give contact info for self managing LLs
    • Ts can of course place their own "accomm wanted ( no agencies) ads
    • there are now some websites specifically for non-LA lets
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