can't get Credit

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Can any one help?

I can’t get credit, I have never had credit......I have got a new flat and am looking to get a credit card for safety,
Everyone that I have applied for has refused me, don’t know why.

Any ideas



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    Get hold of your credit file from equifax/experian, get yourself on the electoral role, have you got a steady job? Have you had a bank account for a few years? All these can count toward how companies rate you, though there are no hard and fast rules.

    Can you ring the cc companies who have refused you and ask why?
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  • Have you tried asking your own bank for a credit card? Do it in the branch you usually use, so the staff know you - that sometimes helps.
  • hi there,

    like said above the first thing you should do is get a copy of your credit reference files from Equifax and experian. they are really good as you can them online for about £8 or you can write to them asking for the information as part of the credit information act for £2. the form should be downloadable from there site.

    I used to work for a bank and the main problem customers had with us obtaining credit was not being on the electorol role. you can do this for free through the local authority, but this could take 6 weeks to be updated onto the credit agencies.

    you will need to also consider that banks and credit card companies may take 6yrs worth of info into consideration.

    i would recommend Capital one card or barclaycard as they tend to be a little more understanding and may just ask for a recent utility bill at your new address to confirm you live there.

    hope this helps

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    also when you say new flat do you mean new to you or a brand new build. Sometimes for whatever reason certain addresses i.e. blocks of flats don't get all numbers registered properly. We once lived in a flat 9 but checking with certain address registries i.e. credit agencies/TV licencing only had details up to flat 8.
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