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My daughter would love to have a ceilidh for her 21st. She was at one recently and contacted the band to find out costs, and has been quoted £450 plus VAT for a 3 piece band. I hadn't expected it to be so high, as I'll obviously have to pay for the hire of a hall, and for food.

Can anyone let me know if that is the average price, or if they are able to recommend another band.


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    Thats pretty standard, we had one at our wedding and it was similar in price, may even have been more!
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    There's a Glasgow based band called The Rusty Nails, they played for my friend's ceidilh, their number is in the Yellow Pages book under Entertainment (don't think it's on the online version). They only charged £300 for a 3-piece band and were great.
  • p4girlp4girl Forumite
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    There's a great ceilidh band in Ayrshire, called Coila. They travel all over Scotland, and have made several CDs - I've heard them a few times now, and they rock! they have a website, I think - just google them!
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    For something a little bit different I like the Cairn String Quartet. I have no idea how much they charge, but I imagine it'll be pretty expensive.
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