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For the sixth time, I got a visit from a a rep from a government agency saying "We're not selling anything" They all seem to be knocking on houses in our area, and this is the sixth time. They are all scruffy, have pants sales technique, tell you a load of rubbish. They basically try to say how they can get the cheapest deal. Mention uswitch and that scottish power are the cheapest and that they can us even cheaper. I am paraphrasing what they say, as they talk utter rubbish and you have to read between the lines.

I asked "Do you have a website"- they say no we don't go into that kind of thing

They don't have proper information to take away.

I always say to them that we never buy anything over the door, to which they say "We're not selling anything, we'll just give you an application form and you have a cooling off period..."

What utter rubbish. Seems Scottish Power are involved in more scams, but it seems that these people aren't from Scottish Power.

Has anyone else encountered these nerds?
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    If they ask for your electricity bill (to crunch some numbers or whatever) always refuse.

    Why would anyone need your electricity bill?

    Well, I'll give you only one example of many - let's remember that utility bill is enough to, for example reroute you mail to different address (about £25 to set up at any Post Office), a squat flat or cheap rental. Once they receive you cheque guarantee or credit card bill they would request replacement cards. Not all cards arrive via recorded mail or courier, in fact most of them are delivered only with "important information disclosed" on the envelope via 1st class. Once they have new "Switch" or credit card with pin and clean signature strip they can go monkeys. Takes no longer than weekend to empty your funds. You won't notice the process, because they will hand deliver rest of your usual mail to your door, everything exept banking stuff relevant to them...

    So, do not give utility bills to anyone that can't prove their identity.
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    These Nerds, from what u tell me appear to be from a company that sell the NESTmakers brand.

    N.E.S.T Makers (Neighbourhood Energy Services Team), is a joint venture company between EAGA and Scottish Power. The company is committed to tackling the problems of fuel poverty, utilising teams of local advisors who encourage householders to reduce energy bills by utilising a combination of the Warm Front grant scheme together with savings on your gas and electricity from Scottish Power. The company's local advisors are made up of employed staff and third party agencies.

    The prices are a lower price than direct from SP, and you are unable to 'sign up' apart from at the door step


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  • How did you find out about NESTmakers?

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