Real life MMD: My £1 charity shop vase is worth £750 — should I split the profit?

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Money Moral Dilemma: My £1 charity shop vase is worth £750 — should I split the profit?
Our family are big fans of charity shops. On a recent visit, my daughter bought a pretty vase for £1.50. On getting it home and cleaning it up, she noticed it was a rare signed original, and took it to a local dealer for verification. It's now to be sold at auction, with a reserve of £750. If it sells, should she give all or part of her profit to the charity shop?

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    I wouldn't
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  • I'd go into the shop and ask what would happen if I'd accidentally given them an item that was potentially worth £750 - would they be able to help trace it for me. If they were nice, apologetic and run around trying to help then I'd give them half the cash. If they told me it was hard cheese, and any money was theirs or the new owners, I'd give it to a different charity but I'd tell them this before I left the shop.

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  • As an item's only worth what it sells for, I'd take the estimate with a pinch of salt, donate £100 to the charity, and pack the vase away with the estimate so you don't forget it and donate it 10 years down the line!
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    Strictly speaking she should tell the charity shop, who should then try and contact the person who donated it originally, as you can be sure they wouldn't have given it to a charity shop if they'd realised it was worth £750! However, realistically, it's unlikely the charity shop would know who had donated it - so, as they only acted as the middle man here, and have gained the £1.50 they thought it was worth, if I were your daughter, I would probably just give them £50 or so and keep the rest - after all, she's the one who went to the trouble of cleaning it up and finding out what it's worth. And good luck to her for being so sharp-eyed!
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    I'd probably give them a bit, depending on how much it actually went for. Maybe not 50/50 though, as pp says, she took the trouble to look into it.

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    I would give a donation to them, yes.
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    I would give them half minus the £1.50!
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    While it would be good of you to split the cash, I actually don't think that you should feel obliged to, unless she specifically bought it knowing that it could be valuable and didn't mention it to the shop then.
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    I probably would give them something. Half seems fair. I wouldn't tell them why though, just let them think I am a generous benefactor!
  • Charity shop staff are trained these days in antique identification, so it's really their fault they missed it. Of course, your conscience may suggest that you give that particular charity an extra large donation.
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