How many other financial products do you

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[/FONT] How many other financial products (eg, credit cards, savings, ISAs, mortgage) do you have with the bank which holds your MAIN current account?[FONT=&quot]

[/FONT] If you have two credit cards, for example, count this as one product.
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

Ten or more

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    The first poll?

    Sounds like information that a comparison and switching service would be very interested in knowing.
  • I have three in total but if they don't get their finger out and sort out my ISA it will soon be dropping to two.
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    They keep trying to sell me additional products, but they really aren't at all competitive. Other than my mortgage, which is with them. I was quite shocked they were the best in the market at the time, but with a svr of 2% above BoE i NEVER intend to leave them lol
  • I am with Santander, I have 3 other products, direct ISA paying 3.3% which is a top deal, E-saver paying 3.1% which is just about top and having the cash in the same place as my current account is convenient and a Santander Zero credit card which I use only for overseas spending and cash advances in an emergency because its cheaper than using a £1/day overdraft.

    Not got the accounts through loyalty, just the best deals. My current year's ISA is in Nationwide and my main credit card is a Barclaycard (former Egg Money)
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  • It would have been four, but they outsourced their house insurance to Aviva last year and Aviva tried to charge me more for worse terms. In fact one change that would have left me uninsured was hidden in the small print and not highlighted. I switched.
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    I always like to have a separate current account for my bills to go out of (that way I put aside that money as soon as I get paid and know I'm safe), so I started out with two current accounts and because only one of them had my salary going into it, they wanted me to take out another product to get free banking on the second current account (a credit card). Then I wanted to create a joint account with my partner and my bank were giving the best deal for a free overdraft. Then earlier this year, I opened a regular saver with them because they were giving 8% on your savings as long as you put in at least £25 (but at most £300) a month to the account. So, that's 3 current accounts, a credit card and a savings account.
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    My bank offers extremely poor value for money in terms of the financial products they offer, and I'm not particularly happy with the way they've tried to sell me products in the past so on principle they wouldn't get any additional business from me. I can search out better deals myself, and anyway, I don't want to keep all my eggs in the same basket.
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    My bank tried to sell me car insurance (stating it was 'the best deal') for £550.00. An equivalent insurance quote through a comparison site came to £211.00.

    Then they tried to offer me their Reward Current Account for a £15 pm fee, giving me benefits of a range of items such as mobile phone insurance, travel insurance, breakdown cover. The current account would have cost me £180 pa and I bought those items for a total of £45 pa.

    The only products I would ever buy from my bank are those that give me best value after comparing the markets.
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