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I did post this somewhere else and was told to post it here instead. Please forgive me if this has already come up, but I recently brought a 1GB DDR2 PC6400 ram from C.E.X, got it home to realise the label on the stick is actually 512MB DDR2 PC 4200. I have tried taking it back to them, and got the we can give you a refund in vouchers lark, but I'm almost sure this is classed as false advertisement. The stand it was on stated 1GB DDR2 PC6400, as does my reciept, but even with it in my PC, it shows as 512MB.

Any help would be great thanks



  • If it's showing as 512MB then it's not the right item, as the item you bought was 1GB.

    CeX use serial numbers to track products, so they should be able to tell immediately that it is the right item, it was probably entered into their system wrong when they first bought it in.

    I would go back to the store and insist they re-test it to check the capacity, try a different branch if possible, some of the staff are more accommodating than others, but a refund is possible from any branch.
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