Mortgage for foreign national- HELP!

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Hi, wondering if anyone has any advice on this:
I am selling my flat in London in order to buy a larger property with my partner, who is American. He has a work visa but not indefinite leave to remain.
I have an offer of £650k on my property and we have made an offer of £690k on the other. We are looking for a mortgage of £130k in order to cover home improvements and moving costs comfortably. We had thought it would be straightforward to raise this but we were just told that as he is a foreign national without indefinite leave to remain he will not be approved for a mortgage.
Has anyone had any experience of this? Do any mortgage companies lend to foreign nationals?
We are now looking at taking out a mortgage in my name only but the problem is I am not on a high salary (£22k) and I don't think I will be lent the amount we need. His salary is considerably higher than mine so making the monthly payments won't be a problem with our combined income.
Any advice gratefully received!


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    I doubt anyone will lend, they will only lend to people who have indefinate rights to reside in the UK. Why would they want to lend to someone who may be leaving the country 2/3 years into a 25 year mortgage.
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