Can Xing push me to pay for a product that I did not ask for and don't want?

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A while ago I signed up for a 3 month premium membership on Xing (the German version of LinkedIn).

When I ticked the little box confirming that I read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions, I agreed that the membership would be automatically renewed after 3 months and that I would have to inform them 14 days prior to the expiry date if I wasn't interested to renew the membership.

However, I haven't read the T&C (as many of us) because I thought that the membership would automatically end after a period of 3 months. When I discovered that Xing had deducted money from my Paypal account I immediately disputed this with Paypal and Xing.

In my opinion, Xing changed the nature of the product which I thought I purchased by adding an automatic renewal to the T&C:

I thought that I purchased a '3 months membership' which implies that the membership would automatically cease after the 3 months period.

However, by adding an automatic renewal I believe that I have been sold a 'subscription', which I did not wanted and asked for.

I have accused them that by labelling the 'subscription' a '3 months membership' that they deliberately mislead me into buying a product that I did not want and did not asked for.

Paypal refunded me the money, but Xing insists me on paying and I might end up in court with them.

What is my legal position??

Any advice will be appreciated.
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