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'No, I WON'T play you at Scrabble online' blog discussion

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'No, I WON'T play you at Scrabble online' blog discussion

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This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

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  • bargepolebargepole Forumite
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    Martin, you've got the wrong idea about this.

    The officially recognised online Scrabble site at is used by thousands of serious Scrabble players, and if you put down an invalid word it will reject it, and you lose your turn - just like playing the real thing.

    It also allows you to set timer parameters for the game, such as the 25 minutes per player that is used in recognised tournaments.

    You and her indoors really should give it a go.

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  • Ida_NotionIda_Notion Forumite
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    Years and years ago, I used to have an Amstrad CPC6128 that came with a Scrabble game. I soon discovered that if you put a word in that it didn't recognise, it would simply prompt you for confirmation and award you the points anyway, even if you put in absolute rubbish.

    "FXZQITJ" - I challenge your play. Are you sure? (Y/N)

    Most of the time, I played fair (as already mentioned, where's the challenge otherwise?), but sometimes when the computer had all but won, I would hit the 'Y' button just for the satisfaction of knowing that even if I wasn't as clever as the computer was, I wasn't nearly as gullible :)
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