Real life MMD: Is the Tooth Fairy subject to inflation?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Is the Tooth Fairy subject to inflation?

My son's best friend (aged 12) lost a tooth, put it under his pillow and got £10. My son then asked "Mum, am I going to get £10 for my tooth?" I think £10 is a bit much, but times have changed since I was a girl and I don't want him to feel like his teeth aren't worth as much as his friend's. Should I pay out the £10?

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  • VoucherMan
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    Why's he asking you what the tooth fairy's going to leave?

    Unless of course he doesn't believe any more. If that's the case surely it's time for the tooth fairy to take early retirement.
  • my_definition
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    I teach a p3 class with lots of teeth falling out this year. The average seemed to be £2 - £ 5 per tooth but im sure I heard of some kids getting £1 and some ofcourse got more. I would say £10 a tooths quite a lot but maybe thats just me.
    FATBALLZ Forumite Posts: 5,146 Forumite
    The danger of paying such a high value for teeth is that you teach your children that the road to riches is by selling body parts. Before you know it they'll come home one day missing a kidney.
  • helen_jelly
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    Mine get £1 per tooth, I'd never pay £10, can't afford to!!
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  • Valli
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    age 12?

    Tooth fairy?


    what he's going to get is the proverbial taken out of him, I should think.
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  • scotsbob
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    Tell him he is a big boy now and time to learn the facts of life.

    There is no Santa, no tooth fairy and the stork doesn't bring babies.
  • luxor4t
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    My youngest is now 22, but back in the day it was 20p per tooth in our house.
    DS1 asked why his friend got 50p - I told him the tooth fairy had a fixed budget per family & his friend was a one and only.
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  • Creosote
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    It'll all end up like this!
  • lightwave_2
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    Being pedantic for a moment, and setting aside tooth faries at the age of 12, if the question is really about inflation, let's just work out the figures...

    23 years ago when I was lucky enough to get money from the tooth fairy, it was usually 20p. 50p max!

    Taking a generous 50p from 1989, and using a constant inflation rate of 2.5% a year, my tooth would only be worth a hair over £1 by now.

    Using more-or-less real figures for each year, the value is actually nearer 90p.

    £10!? That's far too generous for just one tooth, whether you're going by the maths or by my opinion. Someone's being taken for a ride there.
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  • ripongrammargirl
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    Is this serious???
    I am 39 and when I was small (and I mean small-not 12!!!) the tooth fairy left us 5p.
    £10 for a tooth??? At 12 years old???
    I think a few harsh lessons need to be told here: 1st to the child that at 12 he needs to grow up considerably; 2nd to the parent who would pay a child of 12 any money for a tooth, let alone £10.
    The whole world has just gone crazy, dictated to by children.
    Discipline, explanations and harsh reality is called for here, and in so many of these "dilemmas".
    Unbelievable!!! :eek:
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