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MSE Blog: Customer satisfaction forms – friend or foe?

Hi all, this is a thread to discuss the MSE blog:
Customer satisfaction forms – friend or foe?

"Cycling along the canal path in Gloucester during my long weekend away, I was blissfully unaware my every move was being tracked..."


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    I think I prefer this to happen when they ask first; eg on calling up a customer service number (say the gas/electric, internet or so on) they say before you begin the call: "we welcome your feedback, if you would like to participate in a short survey after the call please press 1 now, this will not delay your call".

    It should be the same when purchasing things, infact as they are so technically-savvy now they should be able to develop some sort of app or option tied to your clubcard/whatever else they have on you where you can automaticly select from options given if you want to give your feedback on anything. It should be then an option if you wanted to ask for help or give information or give your opinion, simply asking at the tills or editing on your account online at home or on your smartphone...

    I get these from time to time from Amazon when I buy anything but just delete them, if they were bothering me I'd take it up with the company and ask them to stop, in an age where the customer can tweet/moan on facebook and spread bad vibes, the customer is still King and I'd expect they would listen if they offered a decent and reputable service, if they didn't take note and stop the requests for feedback I'd think that would speak volumes.

    I do think it gets a bit much though when its feedback all the time and without any benefit to the customer. They're potentially asking the customer to help them build a website they can benefit from, but the customer? Gets little if anything back from that yet does all the work. Needs to change.
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