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  • Cunfaro
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    Shop with a list.

    You don't forget things, you only buy things you need, and don't buy things you've already got.

    However, obviously, if you find a bargain ... :)

    All I need to do now is find a fool-proof way of remembering to put things on the list and to take the list with me.

    thanks to you. good advice.
  • Owain_Moneysaver
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    The use-by date: Bin it! Use-by means just that. Eating nosh beyond that date is risky, even if it looks and smells fine. Typical foods include diary [sic], milk, fish and eggs.
    As above, the key is that while eating beyond use bys is a health risk, there's no explicit safety risk just from eating food beyond best befores (except for eggs).

    The use-by date is the supermarket's statistically-calculated best compromise between longest shelf life and least likely to poison you. The food doesn't magically turn bad at midnight.

    Eggs must have either a best before or a use by date - it's legally impossible for them to have both. But they could be days or weeks old by the time they're on the shelf - they won't self-destruct at midnight either.

    You can freeze food even if you don't freeze it on the day of purchase.
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  • Beckyy
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    I don't think downshifting applies to everything. Tesco Value toilet doesn't last anywhere near as long as a more expensive one - it's a false economy. Just stock up on a premium brand when on offer if you can.
  • milliemonster
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    Mealplan for the week, look at what you already have in your storecupboards/freezer and then make a list for what you need to feed you all for the week.

    Then use mysupermarket to find out how much it's going to cost and when you do your shop take out the money in cash and leave your cards at home so you can't overspend and be tempted by all those special offers (that aren't that special after all)
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  • Ilona
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    Don't take a list, just buy whatever is cheap, as long as it is wholesome and nutritious, buy reduced, yellow stickers, offers. Be flexible in your eating habits. Food is fuel for your body, don't shop with your eyes. Ignore the cakes, crisps, sweets, biscuits, fizzy drinks, they are not food.
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  • @milliemonster: you can actually also buy at mysupermarket. you get it delivered from one of the stores in the site and they also have unique cashback offers.
  • maman
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    Every few weeks, don't shop. Just use what you have and wait until your next normal shopping day. Tonight I have made soup with all sorts of leftovers as I am way next week. I am gobsmacked at how little there is in the fridge and yet still enough nourishment until I go. Maybe every 5 weeks do a frugal fast (see the thread) and its rather a cathartic experience.

    If you can't manage that for a whole week, try rolling your shopping day forward by a day each week.

    Don't go 'top up' shopping. Do one shop and then manage until your next trip.

    Write your menu plan based on using what's in your freezer, fridge and storecupboard and only by the extra bits you need.
  • bloss0m
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    post 20 is :spam:
  • Atidi
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    bloss0m wrote: »
    post 20 is :spam:

    No it isn't ;)

  • Prices vary depending on where a Supermarket is located. Do your supermarket shopping in a down market area will save you money.
    Charity shops in posh areas are good for toddlers clothes.
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