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As recommended in the free software section. I downloaded media monkey and uploaded half my cds a few weeks ago. I tried to resume the uploading, but am now getting messages to say I have to upgrade to be able to convert any more albums to MP3.

So has this now become a months free trial only?

Any way round this?

If not any other ideas as to what to use?:(


  • -TangleFoot-
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    Windows Media Player? iTunes? One of these, perhaps?
  • Thanks tanglefoot. Windows and Itunes were what I was trying to avoid by moving to media monkey.

    The link throws up interesting possibilities but I'd like to hear from users of other systems, I have got lots of software conflicts as it is so dont want to start downloading and deleting to try different stuff.

    Anyone got any recommendations? I dont mind paying a small amount as long as I dont have to pay for every computer in the house and every year!
  • electrobix99
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    Have you tried Zune. Its a Microsoft product but I like it.
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  • -TangleFoot-
    -TangleFoot- Posts: 4,673 Forumite
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    I have got lots of software conflicts as it is

    It might be best to deal with some of those first. Anything in particular bothering you?
  • Stompa
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    So has this now become a months free trial only?
    It's just the LAME encoder that's time limited, see here:
    Any way round this?
    Yes, just replace the LAME encoder with the free version.

    (Might as well use the latest version I guess)
  • -TangleFoot-
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    Stompa wrote: »
    It's just the LAME encoder that's time limited

    Cute. :undecided
  • Jakeandme
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    Tried Media Monkey once, took hours of digging to get rid of it as it wanted to become the default for all media without asking for permission.

    More than happy with WMP.
  • Hi all, sorry didnt get notifications of any replies til this morning.
    electrobix99, no not tried that, always reluctant to load anything different.
    Aha have to confess now Tanglefoot, its a works computer, conflicts I think with my v limited knowledge are firstly due to what they install/ delete before we get it and its firewalls/vpn things, but Java updates always seem to cause problems......anyway going to look into stompas LAME thing at weekend or while on holiday and hope that does the job.
    Jakeandme, not getting that problem but probably becausethe itunes program seems to hijack everything first.
  • dgl_thrawn
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    If you're just looking to get the music to your hard drive, then I've used CDex for years. You can adjust where the files are stored and what format they have. It'll rip to mp3 or wav and is completely free. Works on Windows XP and 7 (never had Vista). You can tell it which CDDB server to use to extract the track data automatically, but it won't download cover artwork.
  • Thanks to Stompa for the solution.

    Have had to do this a few times now so presumably they add something to updates to give this problem to you repeatedly.

    Its good when it works though!
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