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Tax Credit Help please...

edited 30 April 2012 at 7:36PM in Benefits & tax credits
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edited 30 April 2012 at 7:36PM in Benefits & tax credits

Last week we received a letter from HMRC stating that up to April 2011 we owed £543 which they had been claimed back in previous payments and amount owed was £0.00..

today we receive two seperate letters, one says we owe £83 from 2007/2008 and another saying we owe £831 from 2009/2010.

We rang the helpline, finally got through to a very unhelpfull person, we asked for an explanation of how the above figures were made up, this she could not explain, we asked for a breakdown or explanation to be sent out in the post, to which she replied "we don't do that".

If they can not provide me with an explanation how do I know they are correct? they could pick any figure out.

We also asked why the £83 from 2007/2008 was not deducted from previous payments, she again could not answer this question.

We also mention the letter that states up to April 2011 we owed £543 and asked for a breakdown of this, she had no record of this letter or the amounts.

Really confused, dont know what to do, they are demanding money I cant afford to pay and they can not provide details of what it is for :(

Any advice would greatly appreciated
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