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Tax Credit - renewal its that time again


I received a Review pack in a white envelope and called today to renew.

I was asked previous years income which I gave even though they had them any changed none.

I was told not to contact them until after 11.06.12 - however under there Code of Practice they have 30 days to implement the changed for the coming year!!

Whats the difference between a review and renewal pack?? Can anybody tell me



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    I got mine too white envelope review. I rang and he checked a few things on my claim hours childcare etc then I declared my salary 2000 over what I should he said my payment may go down as I'm earning more now. Not to ring back till after 11th June.

    Glad Its
    Done now -
    My friend last wk and was told not to ring till after 4th June.

    Brown envelopes are people on benefits as they don't need to review or renew!
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    Thanks for that - last year it took them 6 months to sort things out I ended up contacting my MP who sorted it out.
    I knew I would have been in an overpayment situation and was so worried cos they keep paying me. I keep money by anyways in the end the letter I got from my MP via Tax Credits said that under Code of Practice section 26 the Tax Credits have a duty to the customer to advise of the revised payments within 30 days of them being told. I didnt pay back the overpayment.

    I hope it does'nt take long this time or I will contact my MP again.

    Good Luck keep me posted
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    Brown envelopes are people on benefits as they don't need to review or renew!

    I'm on Income Support, and have been for over 2 years mine came in a white envelope and I had to renew.
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