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I need urgent advice as to who to contact or complain to regarding my PLA. I am studying currently a masters student of Social work and being funded by SWbursaries, my partner is also a student but first degree and we have 2 young children. We both applied for Parents learning allowance, i was turned down but my partner was given PLA (full amount of 1,508), i complained and reapplied and they awarded me half of it £750 saying that since my partner is getting PLA then it was going to be shared between us. I have heard that ideally it should not be shared between us but when i protested again they replied reiterating the same thing. I am meant to have received my final payment of PLA £250 this april but noticed they had put an hold on my account.when i queried this, I was told that it was an oversight and that all my final payments would be paid next week, but i was also informed that the amount i would be getting was less my final PLA of £250. I am now worried as it seems they must have put the hold on my account and refused to pay the remaining PLA because i protested about them only paying half of the PLA and not the full amount, what do i do as I need to get this resolved asap.
Also can we both apply for child care or is it only one of us that can apply? at the moment, i am the one who has applied for child care as they said only one of us can apply.

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