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Notice to Newcomers re Trolls - Part 12

in Debt-free wannabe
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  • boultdjboultdj Forumite
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    Morning All, tea and coffee done.
    £71.93/ £180.00
  • his_missushis_missus Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Morning all!

    Hope everyone is well and nt too battered by the rain predicted today. A quick pre-work bump from me... ah, who am I kidding? No work here today again, just sat at my desk wasting away time til hometime...
  • TixyTixy Forumite
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    A quick Good Morning All.

    Back to the grindstone......
    A smile enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give
    or "It costs nowt to be nice"
  • swanfan02swanfan02 Forumite
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    Morning all! :D
  • his_missushis_missus Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Swanfan - everytime I see your signature, I end up humming that song all day :)
  • solventsoonsolventsoon Forumite
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    Growurown wrote: »
    Oooh port, lovely. Any Stilton to go with that? :)

    Of course :D:D Help yourself Growurown:D

    :) The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time :)
  • solventsoonsolventsoon Forumite
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    Morning everyone, what a horrible day outside, we'll have to stay bright and cheerful here to counteract that:D

    Thanks for the tea boult :A

    Good to see you again Swanny x

    It's horrible here, HM, blowing a gale and been raining all day so far:( Hope your day goes quickly, I know what it's like to have nothing to do all day and I'd far rather be busy...

    Back to the grindstone again now, see you all later
    :) The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time :)
  • Hovel_ladyHovel_lady Forumite
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    Hello lovely people :hello:

    Thanks for the tea boult.

    Lets have some cake with it...


    Looks like someone has already had a piece.
    I wonder who that could be? :whistle::whistle::whistle:
  • his_missushis_missus Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    Hello all!

    Pre-siesta bump, nothing happening here, would love a piece of cake HL, I need a sugar rush to keep me awake!
  • Hovel_ladyHovel_lady Forumite
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    Hello and Welcome

    A long time ago Pania wrote the message below to Newcomers or anyone who comes across a troll on the forum

    Over the last few weeks we have had a number of "troll" attacks on the boards.

    What is a Troll?
    A troll is a person that posts deliberately provocative, nasty or hurtful comments on threads. They may be a person with no previous connection to the board or someone that has created a pseudonym to get their point made. If you should get such a comment made on any thread you post, asking for help and advice, please realise this comment is not directed at you personally so please ignore these nasty comments and continue to post here as normal because the majority of us really are a lovely bunch – ooops, modesty!

    What should I do if I get a comment made on my thread?
    Firstly do not respond to the comment as this is invariably what the troll wants. So to get rid of the offending post, at the bottom of the post towards the right hand side you’ll see a red "Warning" triangle within a blue “Report” icon, as shown below:
    Click the icon and then "send" the message which will inform the MSE team of the post, who will then review its content and deal with it as appropriate; sometimes even deleting the troll by making their status PPR’d (Posting Privileges Removed). Remember, this site is an asset to so many people, especially those that feels like their world is falling in around them. There is a wealth of knowledgeable people here all willing to help, whatever you do, do not let the comments of one silly individual deter you from availing yourself of the knowledge base that is on offer here.

    It is testament to the work that Martin has done and continues to do that so many people give their time, knowledge and experience freely to others; without judgement, to lift people out of the depths of their debt crisis
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