When did you last transfer your cash ISA(s)?

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[FONT=&quot]ISA providers love to suck people in with great rates, then drop ‘em. Yet you’ve a right to massively boost the rate through a [/FONT][FONT=&quot]top cash ISA transfer[/FONT][FONT=&quot].
Which of these the following is nearest your situation?

I don’t have cash ISAs
Transferred within last fortnight
Transferred within last year
Needn’t transfer as my rates are near best possible / locked-in
Got ISAs and didn’t know you could transfer
Not transferred for over a year, and rate poor/unknown
Not transferred for over 5 years, and rate poor/unknown

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  • sabre50sabre50 Forumite
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    rather than go through the hassle of transfering I went to my bank (Halifax) and told them I would have to transfer if they dropped my rate down. I didn't have to haggle, they said they would give me whatever rate a new saver would have, which means I stay at 3%. Always worth a try!
  • Gordon_the_MoronGordon_the_Moron Forumite
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    You can convert one Halifax instant access ISA into another so you just needed to make your existing ISA into the ISA saver online to do that, no need to ask if they are willing to do it for you.

    That said you can get 3.3% easy access, 3.5% for 1 year or 4% (or 4.1% with a conditional bonus dependant on a golf tournament of all things!) for 2 years from Santander which beats what Halifax have to offer. Halifax are marked leaders for 3, 4 and 5 year fixes though.
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  • thebigboshthebigbosh Forumite
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    yet another challenge for those of us who live abroad... I had ISAs in the UK and the rates went south. Can't open ISAs or transfer to a new bank because of non-resident tax situation. Can't transfer within the same bank's ISAs for the same reason according to them. In the end, pulled the money out, found a bank that didn't mind me having a foreign address, filled in a non-tax sheet, got an ok rate (for now)... Grrr
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