Time to make a start in life!

Im looking for pointers really, TBH im to self-opinionated for someone to take over my finances completely....

As It stands I am approx £20k in arreas & Zero Savings.

Income varies from £1k-1.3k per month
Basic Outgoings :-
TV,Net,Phone = £50
Mobile = £30
Items on Tick = £100
General Expenses £100
Entertainment = £200 (thats the big one I need to cut, but Ill go mad if I dont go out!!!!)
Credit Card 1 = £150
Credit Card 2 = £100
Loan = £230 (£10k over 5 years, 4.75months remaining)
Overdraft = £2150 (reduces £50 per month)

I have already made a start, 1 Credit Card has frozen Interest on my account (£6k), the other has accepted a payment plan (£1500 in total).

Ive asked Catalogs for my signed Credit Agreement as I know I didnt sign one (that should cut a further £300 off)

Its the Charges that are killing me though, late payments & not full payments can easily add up to £100 a month... Problem is, Most bills around the 5th, & I dont get paid until the 8th.. So im affectively paying last months bill with this months salary - hence the late charges.. & I cant get them to shift the dates unless Im out of Arreas :mad:

I am also looking for a basic bank account where my salary can get paid into.. At the moment, my main account & CC are with the same account. Today, the CC company took £300 out of my account without my knowledge!despite our arrangement - this has happend twice since Xmas... basically, thats £300 thats not going to get paid on other bills :( which = more charges

So I want my salary to go into a different bank account to avoid this from happening.....

So... Any pointers? I cant transfer Credit Cards, or Bank Accounts as my credit history/rating is poor


  • Hi

    i opened a basic bank account recently with Nationwide which i was recommended to do so by CCCS who are dealing with my problem debts. The worry I had when i was with LLoydsTsb was whats happend to you. Credit card with them and bank overdraft. If they had taken their monthly payments out of my account it would of left me with about £50 for the end of the month to pay off everything else and live. The bank account i have now doesnt have a cheque book or debit card but it suits me fine. Halifax do a basic account with some kind of debit card and i think co-op do as well. Somone has posted a list of bank accounts on here which if you have a look you'll find. As well as CCCS National debt line may be able to help you too. The thing is you have realised theres a problem it really is a big step to make, isnt it :-) Did you manage to get the money they took refunded into your account?
  • Hi

    i opened a basic bank Did you manage to get the money they took refunded into your account?

    Cheers, I just need another account so money cant disappear. Ive been on the phone all morning & they are refusing to refund me. Im at a loss what to do as that money was ear-marked for other bills
  • Have a look here and give them a ring and they will tell you waht to do https://www.cccs.co.uk and https://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk Sometimes its better to go into the bank and speak to a person but in my experience when my money went into LloydsTsb i found them to be totally useless. Or try citizens advice, they are a mine of info :-)
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