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hi has anyone used best direct uk before?

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  • I haven't used them but I know they have put their correspondence address as 96 Lansbury Drive, Hayes. I work at 96 Lansbury Drive. We are insurance brokers and have never had any association with Best Direct UK. I would not recommend using them. Trust me!!
  • Steer well clear!
    Unfortunately, I used their website on Monday (16 April). Paid through google wallet and believe I've been duped out of £73.68!!!
    Made a flippant remark after purchase, about how it might be a bogus company. Only wish I'd made the remark sooner. They're also trading as Paradise-Living.
    Paid with my debit card so will have to wait and see......:mad:
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    [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]

    both it seems related to best direct

    Money taken from for kitchen chopper (through moneybookers), no goods, no email response. The website now is simply a front page (few random ads, why miss the chance to make money?) which claims the site is undergoing some changes -- possibly no longer allowed to trade or gone into hiding/buying time.

    What I know so far is that I wouldn't trust them for the level of service provided and the apparent disappearing act. What I strongly suspect and will be a certainty one way or the other in time, is that the whole thing is a scam. So if you see these or anything else related to them, I would avoid.

    [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
    both related to best direct

    I should add that I made the link between the email and the two 'companies' from this complaint on another forum, by 'dan' (sadly it seems I'm not allowed to provide the link as a new user here) -- fact 'dan' mentions a third company associated with the same email address, 'bargains-superstore':

    No goods or contact
    I am experiencing the same as everyone else who hasposted, but I have noticed that although my order confirmation came frombargains-superstore, the email I received from moneybookers said that I hadpaid Best Direct UK. I received a second email from them a few days laterconfirming my payment to Best Direct UK and had also listed an email address [email protected]. I have not had contact back yet but did anyone elseexperienced this?
  • Hi I think I may have as well fallen into the same trap as everyone else, I ordered an item off bargain superstore on the 31.3.12, I have emailed them 3 times now to ask where the item is and if they could not tell me then could they please refund the money. To date I have had no response.

    As I am quite nieve with all this I am not sure where to go now, the advice on the internet is to go to Citizens Advice and then they may refer to trading standards. Also if I paid by Credit Card will I be protected?

    Very annoyed about this and annoyed that people like this are out there.
  • Steer well clear!
    Unfortunately, I used their website on Monday (16 April). Paid through google wallet and believe I've been duped out of £73.68!!!
    Made a flippant remark after purchase, about how it might be a bogus company. Only wish I'd made the remark sooner. They're also trading as Paradise-Living.
    Paid with my debit card so will have to wait and see......:mad:
    I also ordered online to Best Direct Uk on 16 April (H20 Steam Mop x 5). I paid by Debit Card also and received a receipt same day. This was also through Google Wallet and also had the name Paradise Living on the receipt. I have sent 3 emails but no reply and there is no phone contact number. I spent £66.49 and don't know how to tell my husband that I have been duped after years of problem-free online shopping. Best Direct UK should not be confused with Best Direct TV, who I rang to give them a severe telling off only to be told that they do not sell the H20 mop and they were a different company all togehter..very confusing as Best Direct UK's email is and Best Direct TV is (spot the subtle difference?) What do we do now??????:(
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    I paid £66.49 for HX5 Steam Mop through Google wallet. Nothing receieved and no response to emails. Website is shut down.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to recover money. (i have sent note to Citizens advice). This is the first time i have used Google checkout and wont be using it again as it looks like there is no propotection with them.
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    Just had email from Best Direct TV, so it looks like we have all been conned...

    Dear Mr XX

    Thank you for your recent e-mail.

    Having investigated your I can confirm that you have not placed an order withourselves. As we are Best Direct TV, you may have placed your order withBest Direct UK which is a different company.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Should you have anyfurther queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Kind regards,

    Scott Nellist
    Best Direct

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    Anyone wh has fallen victim to this scam needs to report it. Action Fraud on line and also HMRC for the fraud on VAT that they are charging and not paying. See below - enter into google search as this site wont allow me to add the full web address.

    If only 1000 people fall victim, some one is making £66,000 for doing nothing. I suspect there are many thousands more people that have been conned, so the more people that report it the better chance we have of getting these thieves brought to justice.

    Also as Google Wallet are responsible for collecting our money, does anyone know how to contact them as they have a help page that is less than useless.
  • I also 'allegedly' bought a mop at the beginning of April - got charged £66.49 for the privilege, then told due to a over demand, my order would be delayed until May 6th (should have smelt a rat - but thought as such a good deal could be viable - doh!) - and then went googling their site today after recieving no reply to emails etc... :mad:

    Thanks to Markmacd above, I have reported this company, also known as Paradise Living, online with the fraud police, - though had little details to pass surprised Google - huge global conglomerate as they are, haven't offered something etc - it is in their interest to remedy this kind of thing surely! As other posters have declared, I will not use google checkout again, so they are missing a trick here I think -and perhaps should check out their payment function policies a little closer to try and prevent any old fraudster from swindling us further!!

    I feel so stupid! Am a frequent, and up until now strong advocate of online shopping...

    Anyone any idea if we can get money returned if I go to the bank given it is now a month later!
  • My wife made a purchase from Best Direct in February. The goods were returned as not suitable and the money refunded. The day after the purchase we have since found her debit card details were given to a company called Complete Savings who began debiting £10 each month for membership (NB not a direct debit).

    The emails from Complete Savings were identified as junk and my wife never saw them until I altered the settings in her email for other reasons. Complete Savings explained that when completing her transaction with Best Direct she HAD to have completed and application form to them, opening in the form of a banner ad.

    Having obtained a refund from Complete Savings, I contacted Best Direct who informed me of the other company, and suggested the purchase was made from them. When I explained that the refund had come from Best Direct Tv, I was told that they had probably acted as a proxy service for the seller.

    I'm now confused. Has anyone else had their card details passed to Complete Savings? To me it is a serious breach of data protection. This transaction occurred from a TV ad.
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