Notice of Disassociation - Forms & Addresses

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I was helping a friend out and I thought that I'd make this post for everyone who may need to information. I've used good sources and its technically sound. If I've made any mistakes, please point them out and I will change it.
Mods, maybe this can be made a sticky? And please move it if its in the wrong place.

You need to look into these to begin with:
1. 'Own Account' loans
2. Credit cards
3. Store cards
4. Joint Bank Account*
5. Joint Loan
6. Joint Mortgage
7. Joint Court Action, such as joint CCJ’s
* Joint Accounts - You will need proof that any joint accounts are no longer joint, such as a letter from the bank showing that a person has been removed from the account.

Both partners will need to raise separate NODs to each credit reference agency - Equifax, Experian, and Call Credit. You have to go online for Experian. But a paper trail is always better. So, you will have six forms in total; one each per CRA.

Once they say it's done, get another copy of your reports from each CRA (both of you) to make sure it has been changed/updated– there are ALWAYS bits and pieces left out and they don’t always do it properly, so you may have to chase it up a few times.

You’ll need to state that you are no longer financially tied in any way, i.e. you do not share any bills or liabilities or assets, saying you are separated*.

Separated – You will need proof of divorce/separation or that you are no longer co-habiting.

The CRA has 28 days in which to place the Notice of Disassociation. If they refuse they must tell you why they refuse to do it, normally because you have failed to send in something they have asked for. If they refuse you can raise a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office to enforce them to place the notice. But you must be aware that this can take about 3 months time.

Experian online form:

Callcredit print out form:

Equifax print out:

The addresses of the credit reference agencies are:
Equifax Ltd
Credit File Advice Centre
PO Box 1140
0844 335 0550

Callcredit Plc
Consumer Services Team
PO Box 491
0870 060 1414

Experian Ltd
Customer Support Centre
PO Box 8000
NG80 7WF
0844 481 8000

Thank you to fermi and Miss_Spendalot for the links.
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    Is there any way I can upload files to the forum? The PDF files, in case the links break, change or get moved? That way it won't change?

    Is it within the forum rules to use a file sharing site? If someone can give me the green signal, I'll upload the files there as well.
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    Does anyone know of any MODS that I can PM to consider making this post a sticky?
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    We don't have MODs. Each board has board guides that can sticky threads or move them to a more appropriate place etc. Board guides for each board are listed at the bottom of the board.

    But I believe they try to keep the number of stickys low so that they don't take up too much of the first page.
    There is already an official thread about credit files - you might want to add a copy of your post to that thread -

    Personally I wouldn't add links to the files/forms uploaded elsewhere on the web, as if the forms are changed by the CRAs then people could end up using old forms, better to always get them direct from the CRAs. Even if the links do change the forms are easy to find on each CRA website.
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