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Revenge is sweet MSE Guy… mwah ha, mwah ha ha ha

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    If you want to be really mean I recommend placing bets that they will lose each time they play a side with a higher total player wage bill. Then buy everyone else in the office a treat with the profit.

    Football results in general are that the sides with the higher wage bills win more. It's an efficient market, with some exceptions due to a small number of unusually capable managers.

    I haven't investigated using this as a sports betting investment strategy, so do not recommend using the information about market efficiency in that way.

    If you read Saturday's Financial Times Magazine you'll already know about the efficiency of this market. It was covered well in one of the stories there in the last year.
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    What a difference: Sweet 'n' mild looking Guy at MSE towers turns into the incredible hard-as-nails tough Guy who could tear you limb from limb as soon as look at you. I shalln't be criticising his posts any more !
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    Ha ha, cruel but funny.
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    Chuck Norris has nothing on MSE Guy!
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    Maybe it's me, but unless you've tried running a half marathon yourself, taking the Michael by picking a moment of facial features, out of someone that's done it, seems a little silly and childish.
    As I said, maybe it's me.
    Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
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    Couldn't have been put on line at a worst time :D
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