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"Pickled Onion Monster Munch at the LSE" Blog Discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's "Monster Munch at the LSE" blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.

Read Martin's "Monster Munch at the LSE" Blog


  • Edinburghlass_2
    Edinburghlass_2 Forumite Posts: 32,697
    10,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    There will be no "pickled onion Monster Munches" from Glad and Fran if you don't get that picture changed today :eek:
  • mattb_3
    mattb_3 Forumite Posts: 100
    Part of the Furniture 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    Monster Much?


    What happened to the MSE quality control process?
  • MSE_Martin
    MSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert Posts: 8,273
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    Money Saving Expert
    Monster Much?


    What happened to the MSE quality control process?

    Sorted! :)
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  • mummyof3_2
    mummyof3_2 Forumite Posts: 116 Forumite
    I've had 3 children,2 boys and a girl, and whilst I was pregnant with the boys Pickled Onion Monster munch were all I craved:eek:
    Could stand the smell of them when I was pregnant with daughter.
    Monster Munch are very hard to find, but now you've set me on a mission to find some and gobble them up;)
  • mattb_3
    mattb_3 Forumite Posts: 100
    Part of the Furniture 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    I know you'll probably hate me for being pedantic, but it does still say 'Monster Much'. 2nd to last word in the blog post.

    I'm one of those people who reads something and completely misses the message of what is being said, instead focussing only on the single spelling mistake that everyone else probably missed or didn't care about ;-)

    <edit>Looks like it's been corrected. Phew!</edit>
  • Janepig
    Janepig Forumite Posts: 16,780 Forumite
    Roast beef Monster Munch are the very best and it is nearly impossible to find them. I hate roast beef of any other type of crisps, but roast beef monster much are divine!!! The best bit are all the crumbs left on your fingers when you've finished which you can then enjoy sucking on in turn!!!! Mmmmmmmm.

    And it looks like we made it once again
    Yes it looks like we made it to the end
  • melg1973
    melg1973 Forumite Posts: 207 Forumite
    Janepig, if you have a netto near you have a look as I was in one yesterday and they had a multipack that included roast beef, flamin hot (not so keen) and pickled onion:T
  • Aldeney
    Aldeney Forumite Posts: 429 Forumite
    Tesco do the multipack also. Love Monster Munch but the pickled onion ones don't seem to have the same strong, make your eyes water, flavour as they used to have :tongue:
  • dollop
    dollop Forumite Posts: 2,052
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    i used to adore munster munch till they chaned the recipe they used to be loverly and fluffy,i could have eaten them till the cows come home,unfortunately like ringos they changed the recipe so they were no longer soft and fluffy,ringps were a favourite of mine too lovely n fluffy till they changed them then they went all hard n yacky
    It`s getting to the point
  • redsnapper
    redsnapper Forumite Posts: 34 Forumite
    Smiths (the original) got taken over by walkers years ago and the recipe did change.

    Does anyone remember the other flavour ??? what was it called??? my favourite - came in a reddish orange packet and were bright orange. Nowdays you get flamin hot instead - but what flavour was that orange one. I was told that the "orange" flavouring turned out to be a harmful substance, but damm they were good.
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