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Beer Making Kits-How Easy????

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Beer Making Kits-How Easy????

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Mads13Mads13 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Hi All

My hubby likes the occasional beer/ale/stout etc. At present he drinks the cheapie beers from Asda/Tesco..about £1.00 for 4, but he finds them too fizzy and watery. He does like a good 5% beer/lager/ale/stout etc but the cheapie ones are only about 2% and a third of the price. :eek:

Got me thinking about how cheap/easy it is to actually make homemade lager/beer/ale etc?

Does anyone have any ideas :confused: ? How much outlay is there? Where do I get them from? Where should it be stored? Etc Etc???
I dont know where to am asking for peoples help and valued advice..which I know I will receive on here ;)

Thank you all so much.



  • mink35mink35 Forumite
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    Wilkinsons sell the beer making kits Mads. If might have info on the box etc.

    Don't know any of the other answers! :D
  • GaltizzGaltizz Forumite
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    Have a look in specialist shops first (have a look in the yellow pages), they sell a product called something like beer in a bag. That is really, really easy to make because you just add water and wait (it is almost drinkable too). See PICTURE, 5 GALLONS :eek: for £18.39 (you have to add a beer kit to the £14 kit) I'm not recomending this one, I got mine from a local brewing shop.

    If you do that and enjoy the idea of making your own then go out and invest in the bits to do it 'properly'. As Mink says Wilkos is always cheapest for this sort of thing. Never done 'proper' beer but have done wine and that is great fun (but a pain waiting for it to finish)

    There are some instructions on home brewing HERE, looks complicated to me.
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  • glad this came up i have been wanting to look into this for a while and how now been given a reminder.
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    'It's the cordon bleu of emotions sonny'
  • I have been making my own beer from kits for over a year now and would highly recommend it. To get started you only need

    1x 5 gallon fermentation bin about £8 from wilkos or £1-£2 from a car boot
    1x Beer kit about £6-£8 from wilkos
    About 1Kg - 1.5Kg of sugar (ordinary sugar can be used but may require longer maturation brewing sugar is better)
    Sodium metabisulphate for sterilizing equipment about £1-£2 a tub which should do a good few barrels

    Most kits are the same just open the tin pour it into the bin add sugar top up with water sprinkle the yeast on top and leave for a week somewhere where the temperatre will be between 18-24°C a cupboard is good until fermentation has finished(when it stops bubbling).

    Once the beer is done there are two options you can bottle it if choosing this option I would recommend buying grolsch bottles with the resealable flip caps. These are expensive but you get the pleasure of emptying them before use and are easily reusable. The other way to bottle is to collect beer bottles, and buy a bag of caps for a couple of quid and get hand capper.

    The other way to keep your beer is to get a pressure barrel and a CO2 injector which costs about £30 this seems expensive at first but saves a lot of time and effort.

    Once your storage equipment is sorted you need to prime it which means mixing up a few spoons of sugar with a pint of water and pouring a little into every bottle or all of it into the barrel. This solution briefly reactivates the yeast when the beer is added this gives the beer its head.

    The next step is to leave the beer to mature the longer it matures the nicer it gets.

    Final step drink and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

    All this equipment seems expensive at first but if you factor the cost of the equipment into the first batch of beer made it still costs less than £1.50 a pint then the next batch of beer only needs the kit and sugar so will be about £0.22 a pint.

    If you want to know how strong your beer is you can get a hydrometer and test jar for about £6 from wilkos also there is loads of these on car boots for a couple of quid. Most of the beer I have made has been about 4.8%
  • Caz2_2Caz2_2 Forumite
    199 posts
    Hi I had a go at this last year, it was a cheap kit from morrisons. I had all the gear as i make my own wine regularly. When i had fermented it i put it in lemonade bottles (had bought these for about 10p each). We got all exited, had loads of bottles, guess what........ awful, i tried to recycle it by putting it in the garden for the slugs and even they woundn't go near it. Even tried my daughters male friends who drink anything oh no even drunk they coundn't stomach it (as a money saver i was desperate to find a use). I have no idea what i did wrong, but not tried it since. However I would wean your old man on to lemonade because that's cheaper and make yourself some lovely wine which i do all the time. I make it regularly from a grape juice kit and it works out at about £1 a bottle, thats for reg use I also make ginger,tea, pear, strawberry and orange wine. Ginger wine is lovely, costs hardly anything and makes lovely Xmas pressies. The tea wine is made from tea leaves or bags and is even cheaper, but you do need the equipment which costs. Anyway i am rambling now so im off to sup me wine. Good luck
  • aeuerbyaeuerby Forumite
    782 posts
    We have made alot of our won beer over the years. Id fact we are trying to gert round to buying some more.

    You will need a fermenting bin though. We have started to use these people.

    We did originally put the beer in a barrel with no co2 thingy but of course it is flat. What we did over christmas is collect empty pop bottles (about 13 2 litre ones) steralise them and them syphon the beer into these. Then add 1 teaspoon of sugar per bottle and give a quick shake to mix the sugar. Leave in a cool place for a few days to settle. Then drink and enjoy.:beer:

    The bottles don't explode and the beer is fizzy. My hubby loved it:D
  • ladygrey_2ladygrey_2 Forumite
    374 posts
    i used to do this when a student,
    wanted to try it again,
    this is only thread about it I've come across so far,
    not sure wether to go for wine instead though?

    any thoughts :)
  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
    5.2K posts
    DH used one of those micro brewery things just before christmas, even I found the stuff drinkable and I hate beer and if he can do it anyone can :D
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  • ladygrey_2ladygrey_2 Forumite
    374 posts
    well I want to spend some time pricing up equipment today
    are there places online I can look at
  • Beer kits vary quite a bit. Generally the more you pay the better the end product.

    Don't be tempted to add more sugar to make the beer stronger. It upsets the balance of the beer.If you want a bit more body, strength and flavour add a bit more malt extract and hops. If you barrel your beer you might like to consider dry hopping your beer. It adds a wonderful hoppy aroma to your pint. Consider using brewing sugar instead of bog standard granulated for a better taste.

    I generally use a cheap beer kit and add to it to produce what I consider the perfect pint.
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