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fuel costs calc help please

in Motoring
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Any clever mse mebers please?

Husband taking new job with a pay cut and we are trying to calcualte if he can afford to take it.

he currently has pettol costs of 200 miles a week and the new job would mean nil travel costs.

Can anyone give me an approx figure of how much petrol costs are for 200 miles a week?????????

assuming 38 miles per gallon on an average price per gallon of petrol eg 5 and half gallons of petrol?

I dont know where to begin as i havent a clue how much a gallon of petrol costs?

any help very very much appreciated
I found my eutopia tee hee I live in canada yeehaa!


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    petrol is around 90p a litre, there are approx 4.5 liters to the gallon therfore a gallon is roughly £4, so on your calculation of 38mpg the cost is around £22 a week. There is also wear and tear, tyres etc to take into account plus travelling time etc.
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