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Old premium bonds

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I've got 4 premium saving bonds dating 1959,1968,1970 and 1972. Is there a site I can contact to see if they have come up ?They were my late Grandads.


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    When I changed the address on mine, they sent a letter confirming the change and stated there were no outstanding prizes.

    I imagine they will do the same if you contact them re your grandad's. Look on the NS & I website for the procedure to notify them/address to write to.
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    It might have been better if you had asked this on the Savings & Investments board

    In answer to your question, it doesn't matter about the date of issue of the bonds, they became null and void after the death of the holder and no winnings can be paid out.
    You should still be able to reclaim the face value of them if you get a form from the post office and send it in with a copy of the holder's death certificate.
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