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Hello all,

we've been with EON for a number of years, currently on the fixed price tariff ending next year.

All is well, and my DDs this year are spot on in size (£100 pm, dual fuel).

Due to a change in circumstances (second home, travel etc) I have calculated that over the next 1 months our dual fuel bill will not even reach £500 py, let alone the £1200 we pay now.

So I have 2 questions:

1) What are the chances EON will agree to halve our DDs for the next 12 months?

2) Is it possible to arrange directly with EON for a meter reader to come take a reading on a day of our choice?

The second question is because as I say we'll be travelling a lot and our consumption will more than halve; I'd feel more reassured if EON could see for themselves that our consumption has actually reduced this much (but, with all the travelling and living in the other home, the chances anyone will be in on the day a meter reader comes round are a bit slim).

Just wondering how to do this really. I'm happy with EON and had no problem at all so far but I'm not happy at the thought of effectively 'lending' them £700 plus for 12 months!


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    1) 100% or very close to.

    2) No, but you can always read your own meter and provide the readings to EON. You can do this whenever you visit the property.

    Just ring them and ask. If they don't agree to your proposal then switch to whole bill quarterly direct debit.
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    You can enter meter readings on line almost whenever you want, up to 12 per quarter. You can also alter the DD on line so after a couple of months it may allow you to reduce it considerably. I doubt they will initially reduce it on a phone call of "we are not going to be using much any more" but probably will after a couple of months of low use.
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    Thanks both for the replies.

    Molerat I had never noticed the Direct Debit section of the website, or anyway I had never used it. Logged in just a few minutes ago, clicked 'next' a few times just to see how it works and it suggested my DDs be lowered to £92 pm. I'm still living in house N/1 at the moment so that is fair enough, indeed I'm surprised they suggested a reduction at all.

    Presumably then next time I submit a reading, say in 1-2 months when the usage has begun to change, they'll suggest something lower.

    happyMJ, I will give them a call and see what they say. I'm wondering, why would the quarterly DD be more beneficial?
  • Get as many readings in as you can because this day will used in coming years as part of bill estimation and DD routines, just remember it will be low due to this if your circumstances change back.
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    Hi Botany

    Glad you're satisfied with our service.

    We'll be happy to use your meter readings. Equally, we'll be happy to arrange for a meter reader to visit. Whichever suits you best.

    As others have said, given your new circumstances, taking your own readings and entering them via our website is probably the better option.

    As your usage goes down, this will be reflected in your monthly payments. Again, as you've seen, this can be viewed and amended online.

    The Quarterly Direct Debit HappyMJ refers to is the Variable Direct Debit scheme. This collects the total amount of each bill 14 days after it's issued. Where we don't have readings, we'll use estimates. With this, though, you'll lose 5 per cent discount.

    Hope this helps Botany. Give me a shout if you need any more info as will be happy to help. Best wishes on your travels.

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    Just changed my EON plan to E.ON Track and Save 12 from E.ON Fixed Price 5. But on the confirmation email I got it said "You'll see this change on your next bill".
    Does this mean all electricity/gas I use from now till my next bill will be based on the EON fixed price 5 costs?
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    No, it means what it says-you will see the change on your next bill. But the tariff switch will take place immediately, or at least within a few days.
    Look in your online account and you should see the change in the tariff name.
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    Terry, above, makes a good point.

    When you revert back to a higher usage in 12 months' time make sure that you take steps to increase your payments again.

    Otherwise you could end up with a big bill after a few months to make up the shortfall in payments.
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