Can Electric be Disconnected for somene elses debt?

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Q: Can Electricity Supply be disconnected when the bill relates to a former Tenant and the present Tenant has a 2 year old child?. (Scotland)

Daughter has spoken to Hydro Electric who want her to fax copy of her Tenancy Agreement to prove date she moved in and write covering letter giving details.
I just want to know if there is any rule that states they cannot disconnect if a child is also resident which could be quoted in the covering letter.
I am not too keen on relying entirely on assurances given by telephone, in my experience what was agreed upon is not always what actually happens thus resulting in further problems.
Hope someone can advise.
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    She cannot be disconnected due to someone else's debt, however it is not unusual for utility companies to request proof of identity before suspending the disconnection process.

    If she doesn't provide that information, then yes they can disconnect her even if there is a child in the property. In practice they are more likely to fit a prepayment meter, but they are not obliged to do so.
  • Unless she proves she has moved in then yes they will apply to the court for a warrent of entry and then enter the property. If its occupied then they will more than likley install a prepayment meter and add the debt on to that but not always. She needs to provide the information they are asking for and then all will be ok
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