MSE News: 'Huge Switch' aims to beat Which? 'Big Switch'

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  • More sales gimmicks, without caring about all the mess it will create.

    Its good they are funding investigations since this type of deal is going to increase the amount of problems suffered, raise operating costs, slow down performance, etc.

    I would like to know how they plan to compensate customers in the queue waiting to switch because there is an industry limit of transmission of data so getting everyone to switch at the same time would require cross business projects to manage all the data transfer. Even if you pick a future date, the process won't allow them to work in batches as much of it is automated.

    I don't think the utilities will fancy the prospect of testing their systems with volume like this. Oh yeah, and remember that since overnight batch processing is the norm, a sudden large influx could cause that to take a lot longer and stop systems working in office hours.

    Its a shame someone isn't raising all this in the media because Which seem to largely be seen as campaigning for customers...but they aren't being open over the logistics of it...typical sales people.
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    So what happens if you move house half way through this fixed deal? Does Which have to give the £40 back?

    Similarly, the householder sees an even better deal three months in, can they switch out?

    They need to put in ball and chain clauses to stop you from messing up their sweet deal.
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    Yes true the comparison sites have to quote all the rates - but they all take a cut for any deals that they switch the customer to online - a good guide how much is the cashback you can get from Quidco / TopCashback etc. So likely to cost them a similar amount to the Which cut

    There are a significant number of supplier tarrifs on any comparison site that the comparison site won't switch a customer to. That is because the supplier won't give them a bung for doing so.

    Ebico, to name one supplier, will not pay anyone any commission for signing up new customers.

    It was due to complaints made by Ebico that all generally available suppliers & tariffs must now be shown by the comparison sites, irrespective of whether or not they offer a bung.
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    Coop energy is another listed on comparison sites but you need to go to their site to switch to them. They offer £50 off to new customers though from time to time.
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    Victor - not sure if I misunderstood you - I think all the comparison sites take a big commission - pretty much from all the energy companies - thats why you see adverts for them everywhere!

    As far as I can see thepeoplespower Blackdog mentioned takes the lowest fees - so should be able to pass on the most savings. Though they are smaller than which?
    heard them on Money box radio 4 on saturday - they claimed that as they do a smaller set of switches, the small energy companies will work with them too - where big switch can only deal with big six (now 4 left ... Paul lewis implies will not want to deal with them.

    I can't bear the big six so don't like big switch approach.

    Energyhelpline thing just looks like a cynical ploy to me - agree that I would rather my commission goes to which than energyhelpline ... but would prefer to pay a lower commission full stop! after all its us who pay for the commissions in one way or another
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    I've given up thinking that this mass switching thing is going to work. My theory is that even if the suppliers play ball and take part in the auction, there could be a headline tariff that beats all else, but there will be no sweetners. For instance, for my sins I am switching to nPower because they offer over £100 discount, plus by going through MSE site I get another £40. Their rates are higher than others, but over the time of their fix I will still be quids in over other suppliers. If they took part in an auction, and offered prices 10% lower than they currently do, but I get no incentives, I am still on a better deal over the next 14 months with my rebates.
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    Assuming the auction bid is based on energy futures,
    you can't buy the contracts in the hope of getting the Big Switch customers. If you lose the bid, and the market moves, you could lose millions.
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