Gas Pay as you go supplier mixup built up debt .

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Hi , 1 year ago i changed my gas prepayment supplier from n power to SSE .
However on a monday i rung scottish power to change to them . The following day i changed my electricity supplier to SSE . But in this conversation they said they could also do my gas , and gave me a better offer , Also dont worry about scottish power .
All was fine and i received a gas preypayment card from SSE , and have been happy using this since , until now .
Yesterday I received an estimated bill from scottish power for £300 , on ringing them told me that they are my supplier .
ringing SSE they told me that i was a customer but within a few days scottish power took the account off them .
Now I owe a bill to scottish power . unrealising that i was ever a customer except for a matter of hours , as in a year I have never received any corrispondence from them , I have since attempted to change to SSE , but i suspect i wont be able to as i now have a debt with scottish power . Yet I am in credit on my meter and never had a debt , If i can not afford gas or electricity , i go without often now 2-3 days a week , and try to afford these for just weekdays , though i guess another price rise , and i will look just to use gas and electricity budget for 4 days out 7 .
How can i stop this debt and it turning into thousands as they will prob sell this to baliffs who will keep totting this up .I cant afford even the £90 they have revised it down too . as i use wood and coal to heat my home , and only use gas for cooking , so im not a large user .
My point is my contract with SSE was a day after speaking to them , so that makes there contract invalid , aside from the fact that they did not send me a card or any corrispondence so was unaware i was a customer for a year , Plus SSE sent me a card and that was what been using .
Alarm bells should have been raised when they were taking the contract from SSE , not Npower , also picked up that i wasnt paying them any money , Also SSE told me not to worry , But its not there fault scottish powers administration system was so slow , that they proccessed the contract after them .


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    Firstly, it looks like you have been with SP as you agreed to go to them in the first place, but never cancelled (SSE should have told you about this). This isn't an issue to worry about though.
    If you have been making payments, they should have been redirected to whoever your supplier is officially. If they haven't then it is not up to you to resolve - SP & SSE need to work it out between them (it's known as misdirected payments).
    The only way you'd have a debt with SP is if they didn't put their prices on the meter (and if they didn't send you a card it's likely that they didn't).

    I'd go back to SP, tell them to claim the payments from SSE, and if there is any shortfall due to their (lack of) actions suggest it is removed as a good-will gesture.

    It is possible that you will have some credit left on your SSE account (e.g. if you topped up £20 the day before you were switched). If so see if they can move it to yor electricity or refund it.

    If you are not happy with SP (or any supplier), ask about their complaints procedure - which will end up with the option to go to the ombudsman after 8 weeks.

    You can also write to them (quick buy your stamps now) if you prefer paper copies of what has been agreed.
  • thanks for the reply , I think the difference in debt because SP preypayment meter tarrif has standing charges , whilst SSE doesnt , but higher unit costs .
    because how I use my gas , I switch of the pilot light in the boiler , so when im not cooking I am incurring no costs , whilst the SP tarrif would be dripping away the credit .
    Which as a low user is the reason it made sense to me to go with SSE .
    Yeah I didnt see the need to re contact them and cancel at the time , because SSE told me they would sort it all out , Anyway its pay as you go so there no fixed term , also the fact that SSE agreement was after , this surly superseeds , any agreement with SP , in effect SSE would be taking the contract other from a SP with there 1 day old contract if that makes sense .
    Many thanks
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