NEWSPAPER SUMMARY - Friday 30th March 2012



  • CouponWoman
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    BLUEWKD wrote: »
    Thanks CW. I assume there was no cond spend in the express either? Least it's saved me a trip.

    Sorry Blue, I couldn't see the Express so it must have been sold out.

  • Auntycaz
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    BLUEWKD wrote: »
    Has anyone got an expiry date for the Asda coupon please. Thanks

    Sorry Blue. There is no expiry date, because there is no coupon
    Not in the Star anyway .I havent looked at the express.
    How sneaky. I bet lots of people have bought this for the voucher.
  • quoia
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    YES, my UTMOST apologies

    An ADVERT :eek: - NOT a Coupon :angry:

    Sorry :(
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  • Tibbs,The_Freebie_Hunter
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    The papers could be put to good use for window cleaning :), or the likes. Not entirely a waste.
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  • trisontana
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    The ASA has found against Express Newspapers for those "adverts" that people thought were tokens.:-
    What part of "A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo" don't you understand?
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