Cabot financial calling me at work


Was out of the office all day and got back at at about 4.30pm (went out at 0800). My boss pulls me in the office and asks why I have had 8 calls from Cabot financial....

I genuinely don't know why they rang (but they only chase people that owe them money so there must be something lurking..).

Can they ring me at work?

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    If you owe a creditor money and they've passed the debt to cabot then they can ring on any number they have to you.
    They shouldn't break the oft guidelines of acting in a way likely to cause embarrassment which arguably this could - especially given the frequency of the calls.

    Have you had any written contact from them at all? Have you moved address and not told creditors your new address?

    You can send a letter telling them to stop processing that particular number under the data protection act, or you can send a letter asking for al communication to be in writing and not to make any phone calls to any number - thats only if they have a valid address for you.
    p. inappropriately disclosing, or threatening to disclose, debt details to third parties

    q. acting in a way likely to be publicly embarrassing to the debtor, either deliberately or negligently (that is to say, through lack of care)

    For example:

    • using postcards, or other correspondence, or leaving answer phone messages (including via interactive voice messaging (IVM) 36) in a way which may disclose to someone other than the intended recipient the involvement of a debt recovery business
    • asking others to pass on messages to debtors, and in so doing potentially revealing to them that the intended recipients of such messages are being pursued for repayment of debts
    • posting messages on social networking sites in a way that might potentially reveal that an identifiable person is being pursued for the repayment of a debt.

    36 Interactive voice messaging (IVM) and other similar means of communication should not be employed in the debt recovery process in the absence of sufficient safeguards being employed to prevent a debtor’s personal information being communicated to/accessed by a person other than the debtor (or his nominated representative).

    part of oft guidelines
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  • Hi sorry to reply to this thread but i cant seem to work out how to post a new thread. I have a debt which Cabot are phoning me constantly at work about. We are not allowed to take personal calls so i havent spoken to them and fear i will get into trouble if they keep calling but they wont stop. The debt is over 7 years now, with no contact from myself in that time. Can they continue to harrass me? They leave messages on answerphones and with people and my boss is now getting annoyed. What can i do please?
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    To start a new thread there is a blue 'new thread' button on the left of any board page above the list of threads.

    But they will continue to ring on a number they have for you unless you write to them to require them to stop, or unless they find a better way of contacting you.

    Have they written to you at all recently? Do they have your current address.

    Given the length of time you mention - you might want to consider looking to see if this debt might be statute barred - if it is statute barred then if you write to them to tell them that you do not intend to pay then they must stop chasing you for the debt (which would obviously include stopping the phone calls).

    Telephone harrasment templates -

    Information about statute barred debts - Statute barred debts and the Limitation Acts - any questions on that info just ask.

    If they haven't written to you and you don't have an address to write to them at then obviously thats a big more difficult, you might want to try to speak to them once to ask them to put all communication in writing.
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    I'd seek advice from National Debt line or the CAB. The link above relates to some old posts and I think that where there is a dispute about legal action it is best to seek recent advice.
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    Try this and have a look at post 6 section j. Calling at inappropriate times
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