Why not a blog about people who have moved out the UK?

Hi Martin,

I remember when you used to be on the TV and I wanted to pull my hair out ;)

Have you explored about people who have moved away from the UK because they have had enough of being taxed enough and resources not going to the people who matter?

I sold everything I have, benefit from year round sun, excellent health and dental, Petrol 20p, Monthly Gas £1, Water £15, Electric £3 not to mention 9.25 - 12.5% tax free interest so combined with prices 1/3 cheaper than the UK I can live off my interest, £40K GBP got me a place close to the beach and I don't work :rotfl:

Let me know if its something you wish to explore and when you do it so I can say to the wife look it's HIM again!! :mad:

Thanks for all the hard work you do helping UK people!! you inspired me to leave, in a good way!!
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