How do you comp?

I'm not sure if this is a thread I've missed, but I've noticed people say how they do comps and wondered how you comp.

I started by doing all the new ones every day, however I found it hard catching up on so many when I started back in work. I was getting a decent amount of wins.

I started doing the ones ending the next day and since then not had any wins, probably coincidence lol. Just wondering if there are any other ways people find it easy?

Me just being nosey!!

Thanks in advance :)

Sami x
2012 wins: Panasonic home phone, Panasonic mobile phone, maple syrup and cookbook, £50 experience voucher, book, craft stuff, holiday in Ibiza, Dr Who Figures and 2 cinema tickets, bottle of Gin, 2X DVDs, Ipod touch, Moshi Monsters cay, Lipstick, Relaxation CD, £500 voucher for birdwatching holiday

Fingers crossed for an ITV win :D


  • do the ones posted that day

    then do the dailies

    then catch up on the ones ive missed when ive been doing the dailies

    then keep refreshing the page and do the comps that pop up

    then if i remember i will do the end date ones, usually for a day ahead
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