Starting a 'Charity for Charity'

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Im a member of a parenting forum and after one of our members son sadly passed away we have decided to start our own 'charity' to help support other infant loss charities.

This isnt going to be a seperate charity in itself - rather we raise money for the awareness of infant loss, and then after a 3 month period we donate the proceeds to one of the many already exsisting charities (if that makes sense!)

Obviously as its a charity we want to keep outlay to a minimum and have been trying to think of different ideas to raise the money
We are currently looking into bumper stickers and badges/ribbons and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to raise awareness and funds towards these good causes with out having to have a huge fund to start out with?!

Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated :D


  • if your boss will alow it try having some kind of dressing up day at work
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    If you're not setting up a separate, new, charity, then be very careful of describing what you're doing as a charity. If you are raising money FOR a charity, say that, or even that you are raising money for a number of different charities, but you mustn't call yourself a charity if you're not. (And there is a lot of work involved in setting up a new charity.)

    Also if you are running an event in aid of a particular charity, you should get their permission first. This is a good idea in any event, because they may be able to help with publicity, leaflets etc. And if they have an awareness week (as some charities do) then they will certainly have suggestions, and you should be able to get good publicity through them.

    If you want to set up a separate bank account (which could well be useful), then you could do that as a Not for Profit group.

    Apologies if you're already aware of those things, but they are important.

    Anyway, on to your actual question: there may be some general ideas in the CH & NFP stickies at the top of this board, and have you found the Charities board? I know there are some similar questions over there, with some fine ideas!

    Not the weather for it now, but last summer I know someone local organised a Big Splash for toddlers - I think it consisted of lots of little paddling pools with 'wet' games - hook the duck and I don't know what else. Probably a larger pood to actually paddle in ... Small charge to attend, small charge for each game, small charge for refreshments, very little outlay.
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  • Sounds like what you want to do is to form a fundraising group or committee to support a charity. You will have the most success if you decide which charity you want to support at the end of your 3 month campaign. That way you can tell your friends and donors exactly what their support is going toward. You can contact the charity and recieve help and advice from their professional fundraiser.

    Learn about the Gift Aid tax rebate, it adds over 25% to donations you collect if you also collect the name and address of a taxpaying donor. This is more simple than it sounds and your chosen charity will know about it.

    Look at JustGiving They offer online fundraising campaigns -- they do take a small commission from the donations but it is worth it for the opportunities offered and the administration taken care of. You could setup a memorium fund in the name of your friend's child. They have a good page about Gift Aid as well.

    Fundraising ideas -- check the public library.

    Don't forget that the key to fundraising is not an event or a stunt -- it is feeling passionately about a good cause, giving money to it yourself and asking other people to do the same.

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