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Turn Into Cash total rip off

MSEUser2012 Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
I don't know how many of you fell for this one but my partner and I are sorry we did. We had loads and loads of CDs gathering dust, saw the ads for TIC and spent hours logging them into their system, packing them up and arranging pick up from THEIR couriers, then waited for our cheque. And waited. And we are still waiting.

They have ignored my emails and the only phone number I had for them has a full inbox for voicemail. No other way to contact these clowns as the contact phone numbers have conveniently been taken off their site.

Today I found a review on a website called Phones Review which had an article about TIC on 24/11/11. All the comments at the bottom mirror my experiences (I would post the link but as a newbie, am not allowed!)

Am really p**d off as we needed that cash - I wish I'd done it the long slog way and gone through eBay, at least I wouldn't feel so ripped off :(

Anyone had any good experiences with these guys????


  • Kite2010
    Kite2010 Forumite Posts: 4,304
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    Start legal proceedings against them to get your money back.

    Main thread -
  • brightonman123
    brightonman123 Forumite Posts: 8,532 Forumite
    edited 16 March 2012 at 11:27PM
    also report to trading standards- they may be doing the same to many others!

    I dont hold out much hope though- there's a twitter a/c which hasnt been used since November 2011..

    companies house shows only setup in April last year too..?

    from the TIC site- Contact Us..

    Postal Address
    Turn Into Cash Ltd
    Unit 4
    Catford Road
    M23 9LR

    Company Number: 7612697
    If you have a question about using to sell your old CDs, DVDs and games please email us. We aim to answer all emails within 1 working day. Please remember to quote your daytime telephone number and trade in number (where applicable) in all correspondence

    [email protected]
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  • londonTiger
    londonTiger Posts: 4,903 Forumite
    i dont know why you thought this service would be better value than ebaying your stuff, thry probably do just that themselves. cut out the middleman and make more money
  • king_of_google
    king_of_google Forumite Posts: 25 Forumite
    Thanks for posting the mobile number, He has now blocked calls but from reading this thread I now know to take out a small claims!!
    Google King :D
  • zenseeker
    zenseeker Forumite Posts: 4,550
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    Should have used Music Magpie, they're at least genuine even if they don't offer great prices
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  • MSEUser2012
    MSEUser2012 Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    Thanks, I was reading the other thread and didn't realise how many people were waiting and waiting for their cheques too so I feel marginally better. I've applied for small claims and will report back to let you know the outcome.

    Oh and as always, suggestions of what I SHOULD have done are of the utmost help in pointing out with hindsight clarity what options I might have had a few months ago! Thanks for the constructive assistance!
  • cookie1973
    cookie1973 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    I sent my parcel back to them before Christmas 2011 and still haven't received my cheque! Emailed them a few times and was told that there was a backlog and that they were in the process of boooking it in 'that week'. That was dated 19 March and have heard nothing from them since. Have now threatened them with taking it further to see if that helps move things along!
  • b.louise
    b.louise Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Me too, they have had my items since Jan 2012, it's becoming a joke now!
    To be fair they do reply to my emails, but the last on i sent i asked them to return my items as i am getting fed up now, and they said they cannot return them, so i will be following your thread above and sorting out proceedings against them to get my items or my money!!
  • glenglen
    glenglen Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    I too have been waiting for my cheque from January and they keep apologising for the backlog again and again,what are trading standards doing about it,so many people have complained but they are still trading and not paying people their cheques,it's disgraceful,quite a few of us are going to their premises this week to try and get our money.
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