Car Insurance.
I took my car insurance out with a company called Fux/Herts, i paid £72.51 for a deposit on 11/01/12.
I came out of work a few weeks after taking the policy out, so I informed my insurance company. I was told my car insurance will be cancelled on 28/02/12. The total cost of my car insurance was £483.00
They informed me that they can no longer insure me because i have come out of work. I got a letter this morning saying they will be taking £184.07 from the bank account i paid my deposit with, the account is my daughters.
I rang them to expalain why they want so much money, she said its like buying a car, i get a loan, and i sell it but still have to pay the loan.....
If anyone has any advice how i proceed with this it will be greatly appriciated! :mad::mad::mad:


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