UDC debt collectors started bullying me after a year

Long story short.
At our previous house, in our tenancy agreement we HAD to stay with Utility Warehouse, we later found out our landlord was some form of member and got a percentage of the money we paid.

We got into a mess with gas & electric and owed £1348. To pay this off I had pre-payment meters installed and paid £3 a week on gas and electric so £6 a week in total. I had those installed in March 2009 and we moved in Feb 2010. Obviously I expected the amount to have lowered from the £1348. But our final bill was for the same amount. I queried it and they said it wasnt taken off the meters and the meters have now been reset for the tenants. (anyway thats another story)

As we couldn't pay in full it got passed to UDC (utility debt collectors). I agreed to pay £25 a fortnight via a recurring debit card payment. This commenced in June 2010.

Apart from around 3 times when I rang to ask them not to take a payment I paid every payment and got it down to around £700. (when myself and my partner were working I voluntarily upped the payments to £30 a fortnight.)

I then got made redundant but partner still worked so dropped them back down to £25.

His hours got cut in around June 2011 so we lowered the payments to £10 a week which is only £10 less a month than what we were paying anyway.

My partner was made redundant just before Christmas in around November. So during December we weren't able to make any payment.

I informed them of this (only ever dealt with 1 lady there). She said she would not be asking me to pay anymore and would take it directly to court.
I then started the payments again in jan 2012.

Our Natwest account changed our account from a current account to a current plus (said they did this to a few customers) they sent new cards but I totally forgot and carried on using the same one. Until It got declined at Asda which was very embarrassing. I then realized I needed to now start using the new card.

The said payments are due out every Tuesday and assumed it would go out, but I had a snotty answer message on my machine today saying it had been declined and the situation is now desperate and failure to pay will result in court action.

I just rang and left a message explaining about the new card details and would she ring me for them as I dont want to leave them on an answer machine.

Im just feeling really bullied and intimidated when I have paid over half back and missed around 10 payments since june 2010.

Can she get the court involved when I have been paying like I have been? She is just very rude, even my husband was shocked at how she spoke in the answer machine.


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