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Making chutney using pickled onions - will it work?

I've got a few jars of very good quality pickled onions (they were ultra cheap at the time but no-one has eaten them so not really bargains unless I can transform them into something else). I was wondering if I could use the onions and the vinegar from the jars to make chutney? I was thinking to add apples/ dates etc depending on what recipe I picked and not adding any extra spices, assuming there would be plenty in the vinegar already. Would it end up just too vinegary though? Has anyone tried this before?


  • BitterAndTwistedBitterAndTwisted Forumite
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    I would use them up in exactly the way you are proposing although I would ensure that they are completely drained before I started chopping them up to sweat them. And I would add the spices as a recipe indicated unless the onions are very highly spiced already, and I doubt that they would end up too vinegary. I'm not sure there is such a thing where chutney is concerned in any case.
  • rosyrosy Forumite
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    Thanks - that's what I was hoping - off to try it now!
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