MSE News: NHS prescription charges in England to rise



  • The English tax payer funds other UK countries so they don't have to pay for prescriptions (or university fees) then the English are charged for prescriptions which obviously should at the very least be reduced but are increased! !!!!!!? As for the Scots charging the English to pay for universities that we tax payers subsidies....... Perhaps we should all have M U G stamped on our foreheads?
  • I think it is not so much about who pays taxes to fund who, it is just about fairness. Should I have to move to Scotland to get free prescriptions, hospital parking, social care, even university fees. I cant think of any things that I get in England that are not available in Scotland. Doesnt unite but makes people bitter and divided.
  • I need 4 prescriptions on a bi-monthly basis but have the annual certificate whcih I pay for at £10.40 over ten months of the year so it is very much worth having this option.
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    If prescriptions are free in Scotland and Wales, then they should be free in England too.
    We're on a very tight budget which doesn't have any money in it for prescriptions (when we need prescriptions - which we do regularly but not enough to do pre-pays, we have to cut down on an already tight food bill!). We're not eligible for free prescriptions or any other benefits or tax credits, yet we're still paying tax to subsidise those people who do get free prescriptions.
    We need a much fairer system and anyone with a health condition that needs regular medication should have that medication for free or subsidised. Some illnesses' prescriptions are covered for free (eg thyroid problems??? - in which case the sufferer gets all their prescriptions of any type free if I've been told correctly) but other illnesses not. Similarly, the birth control pill is free, yet HRT isn't.
    This is the sort of subject that individual voters should be able to decide in a quick referendum - an easy yes or no question to answer. MPs shouldn't be able to make these decisions for us and have part of the UK paying for prescriptions and part not. Why can't we in England take this to the EU as "against our human rights"????!!
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