MSE News: Rules to protect the vulnerable from bailiffs proposed

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Vulnerable people could get better protection from bailiffs as the way they are regulated is set to be overhauled ..."


  • hallowitch
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    not read the consultation paper in full yet so no comment from me
    for any one who wants to read it here is a link
    I am not an expert I am self taught i have no legal training any information I post is based on my own personal experience and information gained from other web sites

    If you are in any doubt please seek legal/expert advice help
  • RAS
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    i think it would be a good idea if everyone who has posted here documents their experience and sends a copy to the MP linked to this consultation.

    Also all those who can need to put in a submission about how their bailiff failed to keep to the rules, preferably with copies of the letters with threats and the illegal fees included.
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  • RAS
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    And a wee bump to remind people to read the proposals and comment.
    The person who has not made a mistake, has made nothing
  • RobertoMoir
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    I'm not surprised to hear the CAB doesn't think this goes far enough but any change is welcome in my book. When i heard this on Radio 5 the other day, I thought about sending a note to my MP detailing my experiences and thoughts on what the problems are from a former bailiff's point of view.

    The biggest root issue with making bailiffs more reasonable, in my opinion, comes down to how they're paid. While someone is on commission based on the fees they charge, there's always going to be a conflict of interest between "behaving properly" and "generating enough fees to pay one's own mortgage".

    I'll be interested to see if they can come up with a solution that's a good balance between the rights of an individual who may feel intimidated by anyone knocking on their door no matter how nice and properly behaved they may be, and the need to be able to recover debt in a manner that's reasonable to all involved parties.
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  • TakeTake
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    Consult directly and do not leave it to lobbyists and organisations that do not represent the people at large...
  • cheekipixi48
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    I was visited by the bayliffs a few yrs ago, how de-morolising that was.............they said I owed the courts £100 for driving offences namely a bauld tyre, that ended up in court. By the time they had finished with me I owed £300, I was adamant I had paid this but they wouldn't believe me, I rang my solicitor and it was left as they would come back the following day to collect my goods or the money. Anyway, 1st thing the following morning my soilicitor set to work. At 12 she rang me, she stated that she had dealt with the bayliffs and I would hear no more.

    What had happened was, I had paid the £100 into the bank - from the courts, this was 12 months before this happened. The solicitor rang the courts and explained, luckily she knew the clerk that was on duty, so he went all out to find this information. She said if she hadn't of know the clerk I would be losing my things or my money, so thankfully she knew the clerk because he looked into absolutely everything and what he found was that.................the Bank had put the wrong reference on the slip id paid the money in with, this obviously didn't tally with anything and so looked as though I hadn't paid.

    A small mistake like that could have caused so much hassle, hardship and heartache, I did not receive the apology from the bayliffs like they said they do if I was found to be correct.

  • loisfitzp
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    If you are a victim of a bailiff's bad practice you can check their licence renewal date at and write a letter of objection to the relevant court if it is coming up for renewal. If it involves the local council then you can contact Rt Hon Eric Pickles who proposes to clampdown on councils using heavy handed bailiffs.
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