Non-iPod Speaker / HiFi

I'm on the look out for something that I'm not sure even exists - a hi fi or speaker without an iPod dock!

I'd like to be able to play either CDs, or MP3s, but I don't own (nor do I intend to buy) an iPod - yet everywhere I go, all I see are iPod docks. OK, so they all play other players too, but I don't want to have the constant visual reminder of an empty dock, saying to me "You are unworthy, you are insignificant... you are not an Apple iPod owner...." ! ! ! :D

Ideally this HiFi or speaker would (in decreasing order of importance)
- be slimline, to fit on my mantelpiece
- play FM radio
- play DAB radio
- play CDs

My budget is only up to £100, and the cheaper the better (though quality is still important).

I have found this so far, which at least has a retractable ipod dock:

Any further suggestions please?


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