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I didn't quite know where to post this so forgive me.

I have just registered for my credit expert account in order to check my details as I am applying for a first time buyer mortgage today. However, I am severely concerned. My credit report states that our house (mum and dads) is not present on the voters roll which is something that can impede me getting a mortgage. My address contains a house number AND name. 4 years ago I was turned down for a mobile phone account and here is why:

Depending on which address database a company uses, and whether they use Experian or Equifax, some recognise just the house name as the address, some just recognise the number (no name) and some both.

In the mobile phone account incident I left the shop, and then went back and asked them to use the number and omit the name (which they thought i was crackers) and hey presto I was accepted. I cannot afford to be turned down for a mortgage by these rules. As you are aware, if this happens this will severely hinder my credit record.

I would like to know what to do about this and what action I can take to avoid this happening. I really don't know

Mum and Dad have been in a battle for years over the TV licsense, as they see them as two seperate addresses so they kept knocking on the door, dad would ring them and they would say it was sorted and then 2 years later it would all blow up again.

your thoughts would be greatly appreciated on what i should do. HELP!!!!!

Many thanks in anticipation.
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