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'A dragon in the Napoleonic wars' blog discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

Read Martin's "A dragon in the Napoleonic wars" Blog.

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  • Dragons exist and they link up with their ‘Captain’ in a life-long partnership.
    Indeed they do apparently ;)
    ... in China they’re seen as honoured citizens.
    Quite so and especially this year.

    In your Twitter feed, Martin you ask "Not many dragon lovers out there?" ... well I would take issue with the premise of the question as anyone married to someone born in the following years would have agreed, at least until they discovered the dreadful truth :p
    • Jan 23 1928–Feb 09 1929
    • Feb 08 1940–Jan 26 1941
    • Jan 27 1952–Feb 13 1953
    • Feb 13 1964–Feb 01 1965
    • Jan 31 1976–Feb 17 1977
    • Feb 17 1988–Feb 05 1989
  • ValorValor Forumite
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    I'm nearly at the end of book 4 after picking up Book 1 on kindle (for Android) just after new years, loving the series!
    Full Disclosure: I'm an Analyst that has previously worked in the B2C Financial Sector (A&L, Santander), I currently work in the B2B Energy Sector (Centrica).

    All views expressed are mine alone, and do not represent the opinions or polocies of any company I work for (or have worked for in the past).
  • We are a small family business using a PO Box number for mail delivery.
    The Post office have just invoced us at £200 fee for the next year. Last year it was about £127.
    How can they justifu nearly a 60% increase?
  • FairzoFairzo Forumite
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    Only just found this thread but I love the Temeraire series and Naomi Novik's writing (although she does seem to like semi-colons more than most). Have bought a number of the volumes as signed first editions. Peter Jackson bought the film rights some years ago although latest suggestions are that the works will be high production value mini-series through HBO or similar, rather than feature films. Something of a disappointment but doubt that much will happen until The Hobbit has been completed anyway..
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