Overpayment Calculator

I know there's an overpayment calculator thread on here, however. I tried to use the MSE one a couple of days ago and it didn't seem to be working.

I'm just wondering if any of you lovely birds can point me in the direction of a good (simple) calculator to use that will tell me how much extra we need to pay each month to reduce our mortgage term from.

We've just had our annual mortgage satement through and it would be fantastic to reduce the mortgage term from 14 years 10 months to 10 years, 8 months.

Life hasn't always gone according to what I thought so don't normally do long term plans but the thought of paying off in around 10 years is stuck in my brain now...

Cheers, Birdy
It's wouldn't have not wouldn't of, shouldn't have not shouldn't of and couldn't have not couldn't of. Geddit?


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