50th - How to politely ask for charity donation

Hi all - a friend of mine will be celebrating her 50th in May (honestly it's not me). She has decided she does not want gifts for herself but instead would like guests if they wish to treat her to give her cheques payable to Alder Hey Childrens Hospital - a charity close to her heart. We were pondering how best to word this without sounding presumptious. Anyone out there any ideas? Thanks all


  • lswwong
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    Okay, here goes (off the top of my head):

    "I will be reaching a "milestone" birthday - my 50th - this year and it will mean a great deal to me to celebrate it in a way that will be meaningful as well as helpful to a charity that is very close to my heart.

    Please consider making a donation to the Alder Hey Children's Hospital by way of a cheque made payable to the hospital in supporting their important and vital on-going work with sick children and their families. No matter how big or small your donation is, together all donations will make a significant change for the better of these children's lives. This positive change will be the best birthday present I could hope for and I do hope you will be able to join me in supporting the hospital's work, their young patients and families."

    Please do check with the hospital whether they might be able to claim GiftAid on sums donated. I think donors may need to fill in a form to declare the GiftAid. I am sure the hospital will be able to help with this.
  • pusscat
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    For my Mum's funeral we asked if people could "bring a bear" rather than flowers - all "bears" were then donated to the local childrens cancer ward so that each child having to go through chemo could have a special friend to take all the way through their treatment with them.

    The idea really caught peoples imaginations - so much so that we ended up with 7 bin bags of bears (and every other kind of soft toy you can imagine).

    Somehow it was easier for people to bring a bear than it was for them to simply write a cheque.

    Maybe this is an easier thing to ask people to do?

    Hope you have a wonderful party!

  • dora37
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    Something simple like:

    Presents are not necessary, however should you wish to mark the occasion, I would be most grateful if you would consider a cheque payable to Alder Childrens Hospital.
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    Just go ahead and ask. My circle of friends asks for cash often instead of presents, and we are in our 30s. We have this way got people things they really want like weekend breaks, activities and posh meals instead of yet another bottle of wine or a book you already have. Once we reach the age we 'have everything ' (nearly there;)) charity donations is such a great idea.
    Go and ask. I think it is the way forward.
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  • A friend of mine did this for her birthday recently, she managed to set up a donation website were people could go and donate privately. It went really well and she raised lots of money for her chosen charity and still had a fantastic birthday.
    Moving house on January 31st.
    Its brand new and empty ARGH the stress.:eek:
  • How about 'I'd like your presence, not your presents!' But donations to Alder hey would be appreciated.
  • Sexy_Em
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    This is an awesome site to collect fund raising money on.

    set up a page, and put it on the invitations ;)

  • I have another dilemma along these lines...

    My friend has also asked for donations for his upcoming birthday - but he's asked to give him cash rather than donating direct so he can split the money equally between various charities. I'm uncomfortable with this however as I feel I'll have to give more than I'd like to/or am able to, otherwise I'll look stingy!

    I do regularly support charities but in all honesty the causes he's chosen wouldn't be my first choice for various reasons so I'd rather not give them more than I'd give one I do believe in. But how much would be too little/too much? Would it be very wrong of me to just send the donations under his name anyway?
  • Just give what you would have spend on a pressie - I'd say £5 or £10 would be fine - if he thinks any the less of you its a fault in his character - not yours.
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