Help...please....Barclays taken 6 weeks to refund AFTER letter saying they'd sent it

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Hi Folks,
I wonder if anyone has any experience of this...and if so, how have you handled it?
Earlier in the year I was awarded a refund of PPI when my complaint was upheld for 2 cards....1 less than £1k, and the other over £62K. The letter said that it may take up to 8 weeks to process the refund, so I allowed for this. They duly followed process with the smaller one and on the 8th week, they sent a cheque after logging the refund on my card.
However, the £62k has been logged on my credit card account and is still sitting there...and has been there for way over 10 weeks now....everytime I phone, they say the direct bank transfer has been processed - in the last 6 weeks, twice it has supposedly been sent to the wrong account, then recalled :eek:
Then, every other time I call they say "its because of the has to be refunded by a senior manager"....and it has gone off to them for processing. When I ask to speak to the senior manager processing the refund, they say they cant put me through...for various reasons. :mad::mad::mad:

To recap, for clarity.....this situation is waiting for a refund from my credit card.....where the PPI was paid.....anyone have any idea what to do to make them get their corporate finger out of their *rse?
Am I going to have to take it to the Ombudsman?

Many thanks for your input....I really appreciate it :)



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