'Does it feel right for a woman to earn more than a man?' poll

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  • I earn far more than my hubby and always have. My mum earned more than my dad and that was long ago. I vowed never to marry a man who earned more than me! It doesn't feel right for me.

    If I was a man though, I would not tolerate a wife who expected me to look after her. I'd send her down to the chippy to earn her keep!
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    Currently 3311 male control freaks have contributed to the poll. I'm speechless.

    I wish my missus earned double my salary!
    Apparently I'm 10 years old on MSE. Happy birthday to me...etc
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    No of course it isnt right for a woman to earn anything at all.

    That's hilarious. I treated my OH to a luxury honeymoon in Mauritius and the Seychelles, without him paying a penny.:rotfl::rotfl:He repays me by keeping the house clean and caring for the baby - and he's more of a man than you'll ever be.
  • The husband may very well ask the same question of you, why keep a wife who could be out working once the children are at school to enhance the family's income?

    Precisely - question for the men - this is a bit of a generalisation, but don't you think women who go out to work, mainly in professions, take greater care of their overall appearances than SAHMs? They eat more healthily, are slimmer, go to the gym etc...and don't slob around in tracksuits. When you see a SAHM pushing two kids in prams, wearing a tracksuit with a big belly and greasy hair (not all of them do - I'm talking about a proportion of them), sometimes you wonder who on earth would want to impregnate her. If I was a bloke I'd be more attracted to a career woman who worked out and earned plenty of cash.
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